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Thomas Walker is the founder and lead consultant of Walker Cultivation, a consulting firm specializing in commercial cannabis cultivation.


Thomas' 16 years of commercial cannabis cultivation experience and over 240 crop cycles have allowed him to gain the title of Expert Commercial Cannabis Cultivator / Head Grower / Director Of Cultivation.  He specializes in outdoor and controlled environment agriculture and he has vast knowledge and experience in hydroponic, organic, medicinal, and recreational cannabis cultivation.

Since establishing Walker Cultivation, Thomas has provided consultation to over 45 unique customers, from investors to license holders in various countries such as South Africa, Lesotho, Rwanda, Swazi Land, Zimbabwe, Germany, Malta, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Colombia.  In addition, Thomas has to date facilitated 8 successful license applications for medicinal cannabis in South Africa.

He has also provided consultation, to and for, various regulatory compliance companies based in South Africa and Lesotho. This has allowed him to gain experience in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and GACP (Good Agriculture And Collection Practices) production methodologies and makes Thomas one of the most sought-after commercial cannabis consultants.

Thomas is a columnist for Farmers Weekly South Africa.  His column is called  “The Cannabis Post" and he discusses the cultivation, extraction, and legislation of commercial cannabis.

Additionally, Thomas is a speaker who has provided insights to visitors at various expos located in South Africa and Mexico, into the requirements for successfully launching and operating medicinal cannabis businesses.  

More recently Thomas has established and provided training programs aimed at commercial customers in Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador and Costa Rica.  Thomas also provides cultivation training to groups of beginners who are just starting their cannabis cultivation journey.


Typically, investors, license applicants, and operators utilize Thomas’s experience and integrity for the acquisition of licenses to cultivate cannabis, and the design, setup, operation, and optimization of cultivation facilities.