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We allocate a 4 to 6 week timeline for setup.  Once we’ve identified an appropriate cultivation site, we’ll then assess the following:   

  • If it’s an existing facility, we assess and make the changes needed to the design, to fit production methods.

  • If it’s a new facility, we’ll design and build within your budget scope and in accordance with regulatory requirements.


Once you've been awarded a cultivation license, it's on to the next task of hiring a production team.  In this emerging industry, knowing who and what to look for is a challenging and essential part of the start-up process.  As a seasoned Head/Master Grower, I'll help you hire a talented cultivation team.


Before you get to the eventual purchase of seed or clone, we’ll explore your market and environment. Do you intend cultivating recreational or medicinal cannabis? What control do you have over your growing environment? These questions will dictate the type of variety, ensuring that your product is inline with demand and able to thrive within the given cultivation climate. 

  • If growing from seed, we’ll find a legal source of reputable seeds that is in accordance with your regional regulations.

  • If starting from clone, we have access to licensed clone and tissue culture facilities that will provide the clones exactly suited to your off take agreements.

  • With our extensive knowledge in pheno-typing, we have intimate knowledge of the best genotypes for the best roles.

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