There are a number of variables when making a decision on your facility. The two major factors to consider are climate and budget. We will assess your budget and climate to ensure a cost effective facility is designed to produce excellent quality product, consistently. 


Thankfully evolving legislation has legitimised commercial cannabis cultivation and expanded the options to would be licence holders:

  • If outdoors, we’ll explore the appropriate terrain and locate a suitable water source.

  • If indoors, we’ll assess space, height, power, water and zoning requirements.

  • If greenhouse, we’ll analyze your intended geography to ensure a favorable climate.

I work with various cannabis compliance companies who facilitate EU GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices) accreditation.  Whilst working with these companies I have gained invaluable experience in EU GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) cannabis production standards.  This makes me the one of the best candidates available who can incorporate the correct flow and processes required by these strict standards.  This will allow for a smoother and faster licence acquisition process.


Once your facility is built out, I will setup and validate all cultivation systems to ensure a successful first crop.


Dependant on local laws, there would sometimes be the requirement for a "Proof Of Concept" crop.  This is a crop other than cannabis that can validate the operational ability of the facility to produce a crop similar to cannabis.  I will ensure that all systems operate as intended and will personally be there for the inspection by the issuing authority.